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Love for drones sparks big idea

Love for drones sparks big ideaThe young entrepreneur’s fascination with technology prompted him to find a way he could incorporate drones into everyday life and help industry in rural areas. Love for drones sparks big idea – Illawarra Mercury thumbnail...

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DRONES! – Documentary on the future of air warfare f

An overview of the World Military videos on the navy, air force, army. From aircraft carriers to fighter planes, passing through tanks, infantry and special forces, to the attack submarines. Military HUB – A meeting place for all fans ….   Click here...

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UAE enters the drone age of technology

Remote-controlled drones are making life easier for a gamut of businesses, from farmers to utilities and delivery firms. “Like many different types of technology, the technology always comes first with all the opportunities that go with it, then regulation and...

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U.S. Building $100 Million Drone Base in Agadez

The drones should also help the West African nation secure its borders, which are constantly being encroached by militants and terrorist organizations. Apparently, the $100 million initial investment is being allocated to construction, fuel, and equipment costs. The...

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The Scariest Drone We’ve Seen So Far

Japanese engineers have created a drone with mechanical claws, and it might just be the scariest thing we’ve ever seen take flight. For example, the ProDrone team have suggested it could precisely deploy buoys during rescue missions The drone’s super strong grip and...

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Why Hobbyist Drones Scare The Government

If you want to understand why the government freaked out when a $400 remote-controlled quadcopter landed on the White House grounds last week, you need to look four miles away, to a small briefing room in Arlington, Virginia. The officials played videos of low-cost...

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Dutch police taking on rogue aircraft with flying squad

Eagles v drones: Dutch police to take on rogue aircraft with flying squad | World news | The Guardian Dutch police are adopting a centuries-old pursuit to resolve the modern-day problem of increasing numbers of drones in the skies, becoming the world’s first force to...

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