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The Amazing World of Drones.com, began as a fascination of the breathtaking, exciting visuals and unimaginable beauty of the terrains that were being captured by drone operators all over the world. From the mountain tops, to the valleys below, to the bottom of the sea, and into the caves, into the beauty of the unknown and unseen landscapes, the footage’s we viewed were literally cutting edge and spectacular to watch. Then an article written by James Altucher came across our desk about the forthcoming Drone revolution, and we were hooked. James said, “There is no doubt in my mind that drones will be one of the biggest trends in technology over the next 10 years…” So began the journey to learn everything we could about drones.

Technology is rapidly emerging and changing in this industry every day, and it can be very scary to some folks, but we aim to show you the good-news side – our fingers are on the pulse of what is next, what is coming, and whose doing what. We will share with you many intriguing stories from around the world.

In addition, we curate news and articles from the DIY Drone Enthusiasts, Drones for Good Organizations, Entrepreneurs using Drones in fascinating ways – the possibilities are endless; and lastly, we take a peek into the commercial world of Drones that is rapidly emerging to allow widespread use in some innovative ways.

So, Bon Voyage as you take flight with us!


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